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Falls Interesse: Neuigkeiten aus dem Hwange N.P.

The dam is 1/4 full and it is still being pumped 24hours a day ,solar by day and diesel by night ,It has been raining at Shumba and that has helped raise the water levels in the dam ,but Masuma and Mandavu are very dry .Here it is now green and game activity is still good only that now it is difficult to see something a few metres away from the road .Sables,Roan,Buffalo,Zebra and Lions are seen quite often ,The resident Leopard is still around and still comes to drink water from our leaking water tap at night.Ostriches and Cheetah are still around.
Bird life is now very good with lots of migratory birds starting to come ,the likes of Whiskered tern,yellow billed kites and cranes. Inside the camp by the big ebony trees the residents owls are still around we have the Verreuax eagle,pearl spotted and the scops owls and some times you find them on the same tree.
The dam is empty and still pumped 24 hours a day ,solar by day and diesel by night.Game activity is still very good aa it is still very dry with lots of Elephants still coming to drink all day.the resident pride of Lions is still around and still seen more often around their favourite spot near the bridge on the way to Shumba.
The dam is 1/2 and game activity is very good ,Large herds of Buffalo & Elephants are seen around the dam especially in the evenings.Lions ,Wild dogs are seen quite often.
Bird life is also very good .
Rains ,
Our clouds seem to have turned into politicians who promise but don't deliver ,most of the days its over cast and some times you see thunder and a few showers and you think its going to rain but after a few hours the sun is out and it becomes very hot ,also the rains are patchy they rain in some areas only and now in some places it is very green and wet whilst in some its still very dry.
Roads ,are still in a better condition and now there is a game drive road open at the back of shumba it comes off before you reach the hide ,opposite the Camp hwange lodge road and it goes north east of Shumba and it joins Tshompani road on the eastern side of Shumba .
Tourists are still coming in small numbers as we sometimes go for days without any campers.
Best Regards
Nur im Vorwärtsgehen gelangt man ans Ende der Reise.
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