THEMA: 3 Elefanten und dadurch 537 Geier vergiftet
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Im Gebiet CT1 (auf botswanischer Seite, etwa in Höhe des südl. Teiles des Hwange NP)
wurden drei Elefanten vergiftet, was den Tod von 537 (!!!) Geiern zur Folge hatte.

11 Std. ·

The public is informed that the Department of Wildlife and National Parks recently identified a poisoning site in a Wildlife Management Area CT 1 in the Central District.

The poisoning was believed to have been caused by lacing of three poached elephant carcasses with a poisonous chemical which lead to significant mortality in vultures and eagles.

A total of 537 vultures and two tawny eagles were found dead at the site. The breakdown included 10 cape vultures, 14 lappet faced vultures, 468 white backed vultures, 17 white headed vultures and 28 hooded vulture.

The law enforcement team attending the scene is working around the clock to decontaminate the area. Sampling of carcasses and the environment was done for further laboratory analysis.

The public in the vicinity of the area CT1 is request to report any wildlife mortalities which may be spotted in their areas.

The Department is concerned with the habit of some individuals who deliberately poison animals as this is dangerous and harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, the public is encouraged to desist from engaging in such illegal acts and report any suspicious activities which may suggest environmental poisoning to the nearest wildlife office or the police.

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