THEMA: Vorsicht wenn mit Auto unterwegs!
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Wurde gerade auf dem LCCSA gepostet und ich share es mal hier zur besonderen Warnung wenn in Moz unterwegs.
Hi All,
Wishing everybody a good 2019.

Some time ago I was contemplating driving to Moz with a couple of friends.
Two days ago I spoke to a medical doctor in Limpopo who's son (with wife and twin kids) had been there in Sept 18.

This is a very trusted person I know personally.
I know a lot of cruiser friends go there regularly and this may be the one that did not turn out well but still thought i'd post it so that cruiser friends on the forum can take extra care.

The dad and his son (with family) were in Kruger and the son then decided to go to Xai-Xai for 5 days with his family.
Driving near Chokwe on the Moz side lots of people were walking on the side of the road. Suddenly a man walked in front of his car and he knocked him over (bruised but not really hurt - guy went to hospital and was seen and discharged).
Suddenly the car was surrounded by lots of people and they were very scared of being mobbed. They decided to drive on and look for a police station to report the accident. About 25 km further the police actually found them. They were escorted to the police station, the vehicle was confiscated with luggage and all (dad said soon as they tried to approach the vehicle guards with AK47's blocked their way). A guy came out of the police station and said: "This white boer must be locked away". The son was arrested and thrown over a 1.8m door into a cell with 40-50 others (filthy with no toilet facilities). Fortunately other South Africans living close by took the wife and kids in. Needless to say they were terrified.

Son is a serious epileptic and had a letter from his father stating this. Because of this the son was taken to hospital where it was confirmed he was an epileptic I suppose because he had his medication with him. He was then put in a separate cell at the police station.
In total he was locked up for 7 days in this cell while the father here in SA was negotiating with a lawyer in Moz. Father also phoned the SA Embassy in Maputo to get help. Their response to him was that there is no rule of law in Moz and everybody interprets the law the way he likes and they could not do anything.

Eventually there was a quick trail and bail was set at R30 000. His passport was also confiscated. The bail was paid and after 12 days he got his passport back and came out via Komatipoort. The car was driven back by the South African friends after having stood at the police station in the sun the whole time (with maggots all over the inside due to the food that was inside).

There was then a court case where he was found guilty (hit-and-run accident) and sentenced to 9 months in prison which was apparently converted to a fine the amount which they still don't know.

A 5-day holiday in Xai-Xai had turned into a nightmare for the whole family......

Be extra careful guys and be safe!
Best Regards
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