THEMA: Massive Internetprobleme südl. Afrika
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Ist wohl nicht nur ein afrikanisches Problem:
Unsere Reisen findet man unter:
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Probleme können noch länger andauern. Hier etwas aktuelles dazu.
"Local problems with slow internet speeds probably won't end soon: another breakdown has hit one of the two key undersea cables that connect South Africa to the global internet.

In a freak occurrence, both of undersea cables are out of action due to separate failures – resulting in very slow internet speeds for some users since Thursday.

The South Atlantic 3/West Africa (SAT-3/Wasc) submarine cable, which links Portugal and Spain to South Africa, with connections to several West African countries along the way, has apparently been hit by a breakdown near Gabon.

Meanwhile the West Africa Cable System (Wacs), which links South Africa with the United Kingdom, also along the west coast of Africa, saw an outage off the coast of Congo.

But now, a second break has reportedly been found on Wacs - close to the UK.

According to a notification received by the Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa (TENET), that operates the SANReN network connecting the internet to South African universities, a second break in Wacs has been found – this time near the United Kingdom side.

“We hope to receive clarity on the end-to-end problem in the next few hours as previous reports indicated issues in the Congo area. This outage appears to have multiple problems,” it stated on its Twitter account.

IT engineers told BI SA that the SAT-3/Wasc cable may be physically broken at one point, with a number of different faults at other positions along the way.

Some local internet service providers are diverting traffic through another undersea cable, SEACOM/EASSy, which runs alongside the eastern coast of Africa. This is ensuring that South Africans can still access the internet, but it is also putting pressure on the SEACOM cable, causing slower internet traffic.

It is unclear when the Western African cables will be fully operational again. Customers of Telkom's Openserve, Axxess and Afrihost are among those affected."
(Quelle: South Atlantic News Agency, 17 January 2020)

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Namibia reconnected to the World Wide Web

...According to Telecom Namibia’s head of public relations and corporate communication Nomvula Kandombolo-Kambinda internet connection for Namibia has been re-established late on Friday afternoon after they engaged a telecommunications partner...

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wir sind im Moment in Swakopmund/Mondesa bei der Familie meiner Frau.

Über ein Tag ging absolut nichts, dann hat FB teilweise über Ipad und Iphone funktioniert, Notebook nicht.

Langsam funktioniert es wieder aber wir haben immer wieder Aussetzer.


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In Windhoek in der Stadt sowie am Flughafen funktioniert(e) der Zugang über Hotspots problemlos, gestern wie heute.
Von Buitepos kommend nach Windhoek hat gestern MTC auch bei Netzabdeckung störungsfrei funktioniert.

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