THEMA: Heroic or stupid Safari Guide?
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  • schoelink am 22 Nov 2009 19:27
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Is this man a hero or plain stupid?

Picture taken at Mana Pools in Simbabwe.
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  • DaktariSabine am 23 Nov 2009 08:02
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Scary picture and interesting question. But in my opinion the question can not be answered just from looking at the photo. So many things can happen and in the bush you can never predict how any particular situation is going to pan out. I think, in order to reply to your question, one would need to know how the situation developed, what happened before this scene, how did it come to this? And even when you know how this scene ensued, it is very difficult to judge what is right or wrong. More likely than not, the guide had to make several consecutive split-second decisions and those are almost impossible to reconstruct or judge in hindsight. That's just my humble opinion and I hope that it all worked out for the best for all these people and the photographer! Thanks for sharing!
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